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Forever Free
Flext is forever free as long as you use it sparingly. This is our contribution to the internet community. Need to make a quick text to a new friend but don't want to give them your number just yet? Want to sell something online but don’t want that person to have your number permanently? Flext is the perfect free solution.

No Ads
We hate ads too. So, we don't display ads...ever!
Delivery Confirmation
Why bother sending a text if you are not sure if it was delivered. Flext uses the latest technology to confirm that your text was delivered. If it was not, we let you know and give you the option to resend.
How do we make money?
We won't ask for you payment information unless you really start to use Flext more regularly. We feel that it's our responsibility to make a great product so you love it so much that you end up using it a lot. So,if you do, we may ask you to pay for it. If you just want to use it one in a while and not pay, that's cool too.
Are we new at this?
We have been providing telecommunication services since 2006 to over 600,000 users (mostly free!) in the US and Canada. You can trust us with your texting needs.  
Your Area Code
We keep an inventory of multiple numbers in most area codes in the US. So you can choose your area code (yeah, that's still free).
We don't sell your info, That's annoying. So, we don't do it.

Flext is exclusively for person to person messaging. Commercial use is not permitted.​


Try Flext for FREE. No credit card required.

To keep your Flext telephone number, pay only $9.95/month.

By installing Flext, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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Mobile Phone
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You need a telephone phone number to do just about anything online. The Flext app provides a separate, dedicated number for sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages. Keep your mobile number private and feel safe sharing your Flext number with online dating apps, Craigslist, Facebook & more.


Oversharing your mobile number leads to spam. Use Flext instead for appointment reminders, reservation notifications, loyalty programs, coupon codes, two-factor authentication & more. With Flext you can receive a text message without sharing your mobile number.


The Flext app allows you to send & receive messages over Wi-Fi or your data network. Search conversations, view your messaging history, and share images, photos and videos in high quality.

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Call us at 833-FLEXT-ME or visit Flext Support.

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